The McLennan Family Mission Statement

The mission of the McLennan Clan is to provide, foster, and promote a safe, nurturing, respectful and above all loving environment for all living in and who becomes a part of the McLennan family.

We will accomplish this by supporting each other, even to the extent of letting them fall.  But we will be there first to extend a hand to help if wanted.

We will listen to gain understanding, respecting each other's point of view and feelings without judgment.  We will agree or agree not to agree, but only with compassion and empathy.

We will foster a sense of achievement by supporting and nurturing all that is good in each other and always being a voice of can do for our family.

We will provide a positive and nurturing environment that in turn will make nothing impossible.

We will share these practices and extend them to all we meet in the hopes that they will also extend to others.

We will know when this mission is being achieved by seeing the spirit grow in each other, and through the positive effect we have on our community.


While I Breath, I Hope







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